Solar B.E.S.T Ltd

Solar B.E.S.T. objective is to offer solutions to its clients, from a small home owner to a hotel complex; an alternative solution to tackle the ever increasing costs of traditional source energy. Our company offers ecological solutions helping to reduce the CO2 concentration in atmosphere. Solar B.E.S.T. is a mixture of quality solar thermal products and of highly educated personnel with expertise in Building Services and Low Energy Building Techniques for Hotels in the Mediterranean Climate. Solar B.E.S.T. Ltd is an exclusive dealer of the SOLE S.A. , which is a pioneer in the field of solar thermal products for over 30 years and has won numerous awards for innovation and quality.

Solar B.E.S.T Ltd Limassol

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Thessalonikis Street 72B , Limassol , Limassol , 3025 , Cyprus


George Stylianou
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(+357) 25 337 577
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